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AAP Sign Spinners - The hottest new revolution in street advertising is now playing for a competitor near you!


Combine the proven power of signage with our high-energy professional sign spinners and you get a serious one-two punch that's guaranteed to drive customers to your location. Here are some of our sign spinners in action in a TV commercial we were involved in for the Ford Fiesta!

AAP Sign Spinners - Professional Human Directionals

Sign Spinners are an exciting new phenomenon in the world of human directionals. Born from the modern skateboard culture, these high-energy performers are stilled at attracting attention. It's been a long known fact that advertising with motion gets peoples' attention more effectively than static billboard or print ads. That's the reason our sign walkers are instructed to always keep their signs in motion by rocking them gently from side to side. This motion should be just enough to attract the attention of drivers and passersby but gentle enough that the sign can still be easily read. But with sign spinners, it's all about the motion. The sign spinner is a performer. They will dance, spin and throw his or her arrow sign in the air, while traffic is stopped at a red light for instance. Then when they are sure everyone is watching them they will "freeze" the sign with the arrow pointing toward your business so that the message can be easily read by all. Our sign spinners are advertising professionals with one goal in mind; TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BUSINESS!

Coordinated Advertising Campaigns

Another excellent way to maximize your message is to coordinate your sign spinner campaign with other media. This can be television, radio, newspaper or door hangers. For instance, to target a specific area around your business, we suggest a door hanger drop combined with a human directional campaign simultaneously. The door hangers provide a means of delivering your message in detail to a specific area or zipcode. The human directionals now reinforce that message when the customer is already out on the street. The sign spinner or sign walkers remind the customer of the door hanger they recieved and keep your business name fresh in their minds through what we call "awareness saturation". Remember, the reason human directionals are so effective is because the customer is not required to get off the couch and get in their car to visit your business. They're already out on the street and your door hangers have already alerted them to your sales event. The sign spinners remind them to stop by your business and take advantage or your sale.

Ford Fiesta Sign Spinner Shoot

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